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Dear Viewers,
We are indeed pleased to present you are our web site. We have tried our best to add new model with creative designs to meet the present market requirements. We would give to the more information about our Company, which were established in 1970.
We are manufacture since 1970 the following products and serving many of our clients abroad
1-    ALL SORTS OF WORK WEAR SAFETY PRODUCTS. (overalls Boiler Suits, Working Jeans pint All style and coat , Doctor Coat, Food Industries Uniforms, Hospital Uniforms ) ON OUR WEB SITE [Specially for Work Wear Products]
2-    SUCCOR BALLS , RUGBY BALLS , VOLLEY BALLS, HAND BALLS, (etc checked it out on our web site)
3-    SPORT GLOVES , WITH BEST QUALITY AND ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS AND COLOR Cycling Mitts, Weight Lifting Gloves, Motor    Bike Gloves, Cross Country Gloves, (see our web site )
4-    WORKER GLOVES OF ALL SORTS (etc see our web site )
5-    LEATHER ITEMS (Leather Jackets Style of all Kinds, Leather Shoes of all kinds, Leather Safety Shoes etc.)
Please contact with RIZWAN TRADING CORP  Sialkot – Pakistan to enjoy its services for the best returns of your investment.
We are Manufacturing and Exporting of all kind of above items & offer you the best quality and competitive prices with the local market .
Thank you for visiting our web site and welcome your suggestion for improvements.
Rizwan Trading Corp
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